Trade Secret: Create a Brand That is in Alignment With Your Values


In business: YOU are your brand. You are your reputation.

Be very clear on your values in business - they are like your moral compass & will inform all of the decisions that you make from client on-boarding, to your process / service, and yes - even refunds. Living out of alignment with your values is what causes stress and stress wreaks havoc on the body, mind and spirit.

That's why it's so important to get real clear about your values so that your business is in harmony with you and your intentions. If you are out of alignment, then "failures" or setbacks start to take control of your already weakened body, mind, and spirit which leads you down the slippery slope of negativity. This is where people lose control of their emotions and say things or act in ways that don't line up with who they desire to be in their business - and that can really harm one's reputation and brand image. It breeds competition over community (instead of my preferred: community over competition) because the wounded ego needs validation and will seek to get it by any means possible. Stress plays nasty tricks on us.


The best way to combat stress and operate a business that is in line with your brand image, is to tune into your values so that you can value yourself. This allows you to be authentically connected to making money, to providing the best service for your clients, and to handling disputes / setbacks / challenges in your business with the highest level of integrity. When you come from a place of balance, intention, and alignment, you can still maintain healthy boundaries while lighting the path for others - instead of darkening it. Lead by example - light people up - doing so will brighten your own path as well.

For instance, in my business my logo & tag line is "Do What Matters Most" with the Om symbol. I was a Financial Advisor for 7 years and also a yoga teacher. My money mindset process / philosophy with my coaching clients is grounded in over a decade of financial expertise while my values are always in alignment with the yoga path of compassion, an open-heart, and kindness to all. (Yes, even those who attack me - which, as entrepreneurs we know will happen - most likely by those who don't share our values). Clients / prospects / strategic alliances know who they will get and what they will get in each encounter with my brand.

Honor those who share your values. Help clients / prospects understand your value system. And work with others who are in harmony / alignment with what you value. Watch how this increases your income & happiness while decreasing your stress.

As a Women's Wealth and Business Consultant, I help female entrepreneurs recognize their value and create businesses that are in alignment with their core values so that they can be authentically connected to making money and serving clients. Master your money mindset and your value system, to attract ideal, high paying clients quickly and easily by working with me as a VIP.


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