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The 15 Best Trader Joe's Holiday Foods To Hoard Before They Disappear

Candy cane Joe-Joe's. Need we say more?

You can always count on Trader Joe’s for some of the best store-bought foods. (They gave us the cookie butter spread, remember?) And when it comes to the holidays, this cult-favorite grocery store does not disappoint. Trader Joe’s specialty holiday item game is strong, and trust us, you want to play ― and quickly, because these items won’t be on the shelves forever.

If you walk into a Trader Joe’s right now, you will be overwhelmed with peppermint, cranberry and nog ― in the best way possible. There are a lot of delightful choices stocking the shelves that can make hosting your holiday party a breeze, and will surely make your holiday overall a little, or a lot, brighter.

If you find yourself in a Trader Joe’s in the next couple of weeks, here are the 15 items you should try (and hoard):

Candy Cane Joe-Joe's
Julie R Thomson
Candy Cane Joe-Joe's > all other Joe-Joe's.
Camembert Cheese And Cranberry Sauce Fillo Bites
Julie R Thomson
It's about time.
Julie R Thomson
Lebkuchen are a German holiday speciality. And trust us, these are special.
Alsatian Style Onion Tart
Julie R Thomson
Caramelized onion served in a buttery crust. If you serve this at your holiday party you'll know folks are well fed.
Egg Nog
Julie R Thomson
Get your nog on.
Gingerbread Molasses Cookie Dough
Julie R Thomson
Yes, yes, yes. With this you'll be prepared for any and all cookie party invites.
Julie R Thomson
Trader Joe's tries their hand at an Italian holiday staple -- and they do great!
Cranberry Chevre
Julie R Thomson
This belongs on every holiday cheese plate.
Gingerbread Oat Bars
Julie R Thomson
Mornings will feel sweeter when these are for breakfast.
Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Julie R Thomson
Buy them all!
Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls
Julie R Thomson
Perfect for that Christmas morning breakfast that you meant to prepare for, but...
Julie R Thomson
That's right, fondue. Leave it to Trader Joe's to bring back this beloved retro dish.
Dark Chocolate Orange
Julie R Thomson
We want all the dark chocolate oranges.
Winter Wassail
Julie R Thomson
This, plus a bottle of red, warmed over the stove is the winter cocktail your life needs.
Peppermint Joe-Joe's Ice Cream
Julie R Thosmon
Candy Cane Joe-Joe's Ice Cream > Candy Cane Joe-Joe's.