Trae Young's Madison Square Garden Gesture Makes Him 'Knicks Villain For Life'

The Atlanta Hawks star got his own Broadway-style revenge after being spit on earlier in the series.

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young went full Broadway on the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.

After sinking a long 3-pointer late in the 103-89 Hawks victory, eliminating the Knicks from the NBA playoffs, Young took a theatrical bow.

He milked the moment, transforming himself into a “Knicks villain for life,” one Twitter user wrote.

“There’s a bunch of shows around this city and I know what they do when the show is over,” Young said in an interview after the game.

Young, who scored 36 points in Game 5 and averaged 29.2 points and 9.8 assists in the series, had his curtain-closing move chronicled by one of the Garden’s all-time archenemies, Reggie Miller, on TNT:

Young had already earned the wrath of Knicks fans. Earlier in the series, they chanted “fuck Trae Young,” and one spectator was banned indefinitely from MSG for spitting on the former Oklahoma Sooner.

With one bow, Young became an out-of-town hit, commanding the big stage.

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