A Tragic Event Inspired This Couple To Have A Charitable Honeymoon

How One Couple's Honeymoon Turned Into A Quest To Spread Kindness To All 50 States

When bride-to-be Ismini Svensson’s father died of a heart attack, she and her fiancé decided to forgo their wedding plans to honor his memory.

Svensson and her husband Mark, who co-founded StayUNITED, stopped by HuffPost Live on Tuesday and discussed why they chose to take a selfless journey to celebrate their nuptials.

“We realized my father wouldn’t be there with us celebrating, so this journey is actually a tribute to my father's memory,” she said. “Instead of having the big wedding reception and honeymoon, [we decided] to travel instead to all 50 states in the U.S. and perform one act of kindness in every state.”

As Svensson explained, the couple looked to social media to inspire each act of kindness they performed across the country.

“We realized that a lot of of friends on Facebook and followers were very much inspired by that, so they start sending us suggestions through the social media and it kind of became like a trend, so we actually start asking people to send us suggestions," she said. “We received messages from all over the country.”

Hear the couple discuss their inspiring journey on HuffPost Live here.

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