Trail To The Chief: Ready For The World Edition


In 1999, when George W. Bush was first running for president, a local TV reporter in Boston asked him to name the leaders of hot spots in the news at the time: India, Pakistan, Taiwan and Chechnya. The governor of Texas at the time, and not much of a world traveler or student of history, Bush went 1 for 4. It didn’t help his image.

Sixteen years later, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have that particular Bush problem. Ms. Goody Two-shoes visited 112 countries and traveled nearly a million miles in her four years as secretary of state, and probably can still name the leaders of all 112. So as Trail to the Chief surveys the world knowledge of those in the 2016 field, we are leaving Clinton off the list because she is a professional -- and NOT, by the way, because her foreign policy background is necessarily a blessing: Her record in office is under attack by Republicans.

Here’s a list, in descending order, of who so far has been able to drop some knowledge about the world and profit politically from doing so -- and who is dangerously in the dark and getting no points.

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) -- Announced March 23, 2015

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