Trailer for 'Source Code,' Jake Gyllenhaal's New Movie (VIDEO)

It looks like a terrible dream for Jake Gyllenhaal -- and a wild, fun ride for us.

Gyllenhaal is back in soldier fatigues in his new movie, 'Source Code,' in which he plays a soldier in a very violent version of 'Groundhog Day.' He has to keep reliving the last eight minutes of peoples' lives until he figures out who killed them -- and you thought Bill Murray's situation with Ned Ryerson was bad. In this case, he's trying to figure out who set off a bomb on a commuter train -- and maybe save a love interest in the process.

It's a pretty wild trailer, and definitely a flick to keep an eye on. 'Source Code' is directed by Duncan Jones, who made his debut with last year's cult hit 'Moon,' and co-stars Michelle Monaghan and 'Up in the Air' star Vera Farmiga.

'Source Code' hits theaters on April 15, 2011.