This Time-Lapse Film Proves There's No Better Place To See The Stars Than Out West

Randy Halverson, the South Dakota filmmaker behind DakotaLapse, is back with a new time-lapse video that is nothing short of spectacular.

"Trails End" combines some of Halverson's favorite time-lapse shots he took in 2014 along with auroras he captured in early 2015. He recorded the film in Wyoming, Utah and South Dakota. Many of the clips were captured while camping, he wrote, "near the end of some remote trail."

The night time-lapses of the stars, Milky Way and auroras are captured with long exposures on digital SLR still cameras, Halverson explained on his website. "The long exposures of 10 to 30 seconds allow the camera’s sensor to capture more light than you will see with your eyes. The Milky Way and aurora won’t look as bright to the eyes as it does in the stills or time-lapse."

"If you can see stars in the shot, and it looks like the sun setting or rising, it is actually the moon," he wrote. "The moon will light up the landscape just like the sun with long exposures."

Halverson told The Huffington Post he's been creating these time-lapse for about five years. Check out some of his other films here or here.

You can download a full 30 minute cut of "Trails End" from his website.



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