Train Driver Quizzes Riders Over Speakers, Makes Morning Commute Bearable

All aboard the stupendous express!

We wish our commute was this delightful every day! 

Straphangers who were riding on a Southern Rail U.K. train were treated to a pop quiz from their driver over the train's loudspeakers. The driver, who tested the commuters on trivia, challenged them to answer through Twitter, using the hashtag #timetunneltrain

Judging by the tweets, the driver made the commute an absolute hoot. 

While Southern Rail will not release the driver's information, a commuter identified him as "Steve," according to Mashable. The Twitter hashtag reveals that though the quiz master has recently been making headlines, his little tradition has been around for a while, with tweets going back to October. Not only is the quiz comprised of fun trivia questions, the driver amps up the fun with songs. 

And sometimes, he's got jokes. 

For those of us who didn't have the pleasure of taking the #timetunneltrain, this guy totally speaks to us. 

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