Train Surfing India: Video Of Daredevils Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Call it what you will, but Indian youths have taken to "surfing" on commuter trains in and around Mumbai.

The daredevils surf on the trains mostly in front of the "lady carriages" between Mumbai’s Cotton Green and Reay Road stations, the Telegraph reports.

Officials have pleaded with the stuntmen to stop before someone gets hurt or killed.

A spokesman for Central Railways told the Telegraph that the stuntmen have “risked his life for a few seconds of fame" and a Western Railways worker said that the stunts are "a dangerous and insane act of rashness which nobody should replicate.”

This isn't the first time train surfing has reached fad status. In October 2010, a man rode on top of a subway car around New York, while Stockholm has its own problems with train surfers.

WATCH below: