Hero Railroad Worker Rescues Young Boy From Tracks With Seconds To Spare

Railway worker Mayur Shelkhe hauled the 6-year-old and himself onto the platform just ahead of an onrushing train.

A railroad worker in India risked his life to rescue a young boy who’d fallen onto the tracks in front of an approaching train.

Heart-stopping security footage shows switch worker Mayur Shelkhe sprinting toward the 6-year-old, who slipped from the passenger platform onto the tracks at a station in Vangani, east of Mumbai, last week.

Shelkhe grabbed the child, hoisted him onto the platform, then climbed up himself seconds before the onrushing train sped through the station.

“I ran towards the child but also thought that I might be in danger too,” Shelkhe told news agency ANI. “Still, I thought I should save him.” He said a woman who was with the child was visually impaired and couldn’t help.

India’s Ministry of Railways released the video on Monday and saluted Shelkhe’s “exemplary courage & utmost devotion to the duty.”

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