Foolhardy Man Somehow Cheats Death While Trying To Cross Train Tracks

"The rail environment is not a playground," says the rail network's interim CEO.

Risking your life to shave a few minutes off your commute isn't worth it.

Just ask this reckless man, who came terrifyingly close to being killed when he tried to cross train tracks in Seymour, southern Australia, at 6:40 a.m. Tuesday.

Video posted online by network operator V/Line shows him going down onto the tracks and walking across to the other side.

He's just about to haul himself up onto the opposite platform, but realizes an oncoming train is yards away. After quickly turning and running back, he somehow narrowly avoids being struck by the train.

The train driver did manage to hit the brakes but, according to Sky News Australia, said he wouldn't have stopped in time if the man was still in the way.

The man has not yet been identified, and it's not known exactly why he decided to pull the foolhardy stunt. Some media outlets have speculated he was a morning commuter. It's also unclear whether he'll face criminal prosecution.

V/Line interim CEO Gary Liddle said it was the 143rd near-hit on the network in the last year, and urged people to use more common sense when it came to train travel.

"The rail environment is not a playground," he told The Age. "It's important to be vigilant around the tracks and not do anything that can put your life at risk."

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