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Train Window Ads Vibrate Into Ear Via Bone Conduction As You Lay Head Against Glass (VIDEO)

Are talking window ads the next big thing or a pain in the glass? Watch them at work in a new video (above) from Sky Go and BBDO Dusseldorf.

The unique ads are designed to play as soon as a commuter rests his or her ear against the train window. An advertisement is piped through the person's skull via bone conduction technology.

Mobile streaming service Sky Go uses a transmitter that attaches to public transit windows, emitting high frequencies that the brain processes into words heard by no one else on the train (except for the others who also have an ear to the window), according to the spot.

Gizmodo points out that the vibrations are just right to penetrate "cranial bones" and have been used for military communications, hearing aids and head phones.

BBDO and Sky Go plan to roll out the talking windows all over Germany. They are intended to transmit music and weather, as well as ads, BBDO rep Susanne Keyzers told The Huffington Post. She went on to say that the talking windows had a test run in Munich and North Rhine-Westphalia. "Passengers got surprised and enjoyed this new form of advertising," she wrote in an email.

According to, Beethoven was one of bone conduction's early adopters. The deaf composer attached one end of a rod to his piano and bit on the other end of the rod to feel the vibrations of his music.

But Beethoven was making masterpieces. The aforementioned ad is filling your head with stuff while you might be trying to get some shut-eye.

In the video, note the reaction of what appear to be unwitting ad recipients as the window starts pitching products. Do they look annoyed? Surprised? Intrigued?

If reactions on YouTube are any indication, bone conduction might want to stay out of the transit window ad game. "[Bleep] you, I hope you fail," wrote one commenter.

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