Train Wreck Caught On Video As Locomotive Slams Into Truck In Louisiana

A train crash in Louisiana was caught on video over the weekend. The stunning footage shows the locomotive slamming into a truck that had been stopped on the tracks.

The crash Sunday in Mer Rouge, La., injured the conductor and engineer and derailed two engines and 17 cars of the 87-car train, state police told The Associated Press.

"Holy mother of muumuu," the woman recording the scene says in the video as the train approaches the truck, which was carrying a crane.

The woman and at least two others were in a vehicle stopped behind the truck when the crossing guard came down. As soon as they realized the truck wasn't moving, they began to record video using a flip phone, according to the YouTube description.

Some commenters criticized them for recording instead of calling the police, but they wrote that the wreck happened almost in front of a police station.

"Believe me, they heard the crash and came running out," says the description, from David's Garden Seeds and Products. "By the time we were able to go around the train and get to the other side, the police were over there and the driver of the truck was there as well."

As for the woman's unusual choice of words: "At the time of the crash, we were in shock and I had no idea what had come out of my mouth until I played the video just don't know how you will react to tragedy that unfolds right before your eyes until it happens."

The conductor and engineer are being treated for numerous injuries at a Shreveport hospital, KNOE reported.

The driver of the truck escaped the vehicle, and was not injured.

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