Trains vs. Trucks (VIDEO)

Have you ever had the urge to try beating the gate at a train crossing?

Well, the above compilation of trains vs. trucks may make you think twice before taking the risk. In fact, when you see what a locomotive can do to even the sturdiest of vehicles, you may never want to venture near a railway again.

Given the predictability of a train’s path, it may also surprise you that in 2013 alone there were 2,087 collisions at rail crossings across the country. Even though that figure is down considerably from the 1981 high of 9,461, it's still tragic and seemingly preventable.

Fortunately, there were no fatal injuries in the accidents shown in this video, but it serves as a good reminder that trains can’t stop nearly as fast as cars. Remember: it’s always better to play it safe if you find yourself in a similar situation.