Traitor and a Coward? That Would Be John Kerry

John Kerry said recently that Edward Snowden -- who gave up his career, access to his friends and family, and a comfortable life in Hawaii to tell the truth about the illegal, secretive activities of the Obama administration -- is "a coward and a traitor."

But it is Kerry who is the coward and traitor.

Kerry a Coward?

Harsh language, yes, but what could be easier and more cowardly than Kerry issuing violent threats against a solitary whistle-blowing man while sitting behind the shield of the world's biggest military power in history? What could be more cowardly than to "talk tough" while surrounded by a battalion of Secret Service agents, the U.S. Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy, and a nuclear arsenal that could destroy the planet many dozens of times over?

Kerry is serving a Democratic Party that has proven as violent as its Republican predecessor. Extending the United States' longest-ever war even longer, until at least 2016. Formalizing and hugely expanding the Bush administration's overseas assassination program. Supporting military coups in Egypt, Honduras and the Maldives. Shilling for the Obama administration and its Democratic heir apparent, Hillary Clinton.

Kerry a Traitor?

No, I'm not talking about patriotism toward a specific piece of turf, a particular culture on our planet or any such other chauvinistic notion, but traitor to all the peoples on the planet.

What could be more traitorous than threatening the very survival of the whole species by building the biggest military power the planet has ever seen, destroying much of the environment in the process, while presiding over an out of control secret police, the NSA and FBI? A President who brazenly draws up "kill lists" and sends drones flying into dozens of other countries, thus angering the peoples of the world against us?

And then he and his cohorts wonder how al Qaeda ideology thrives in many more areas of the globe since the start of the "war on terror," and despite killing Osama bin Laden. They wonder why most of the world regards the United States, and its close allies Israel and western Europe, as the greatest threats to world peace.

And they wonder why millions of people the world over, including in the U.S., support Edward Snowden, while viewing the United States government as a serial liar.