Trans Activist TS Madison: Don't Let Societal Expectations Decide Who You Are

"I'm not going to war with anyone based on their beliefs," says transgender activist and entertainer TS Madison. "I tell people, especially LBGT, do not waste your time trying to get these people to see anything outside black and white. There are no colors for them."
The Very Colorful TS Madison

After shooting to fame with a now-infamous Vine video -- does "New weave! New weave! Twenty-two inches! Twenty-two inches!" ring a bell? -- the internet sensation has become an outspoken advocate for the trans community. Though TS Madison has plenty to say (just watch her Periscope videos!), she is not willing to do battle with closed minded individuals, however, she told Party Foul Radio with Pollo & Pearl.

"I don't get into arguments with people who have made up in their minds," she told Podomatic's No. 1 LGBT Podcast. "I'm just going to stay out of their space and let them stay out of mine. I'm going to say what I need to say when I have a platform to say it, and I'm not going to argue with those people."

For Madison, the platforms to spread her messages and opinions are ample, from a broad social media following ("You have to get very familiar with your block button!" she quipped) to guest spots on RuPaul's newly-launched Game Show Network series Gay for Play. The self-proclaimed "Big Dick Bitch" is staking her claim as a highly recognizable face in the growing transgender movement.

One of the most powerful vehicles for Madison of late is music. The star ups the ante with new single "Out of the Box." Lyrically, Madison and the accompanying music video's star-studded cast -- including Cazwell, AB Soto, Mean Girls star Danny Franceze and more -- push audiences to embrace their true selves.

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"It's about being free!" she said of "Out of the Box." "Don't let anyone choose for you or decide for you or make decision for you. Don't let anyone box you in."

TS Madison says the genesis of the video stems from her "very iconic Vine which went global." In it she declares, "Be yourself, bitch! Step your pussy up, honey! Get a job! Own a business! Suck a dick!" In other words, Madison says, "Be yourself!"

The high-energy track, produced by long-time RuPaul collaborator Ellis Miah, hearkens back to early '90s dance music. It was an era, Madison says, that saw a surge in LGBT-themed artists and music, including "The Super Model of the World" herself.

"Thank the Lord for education now and Google, we know what trans is and the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity," she stated, "But back then you didn't know RuPaul wasn't a transwoman.

"All you knew was someone said this is a man, and this bitch is tall and gorgeous and on television and is in music," she continued. "It makes you happy, because you're saying to yourself, 'This is me. This is who I am, and it's a possibility one day I could be on TV too.' It was empowering."

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Since she laid down a trajectory for Madison, it should be little wonder her new single pays musical homage to RuPaul. Miah's production bares a striking similarity to material by the Grand Dame of Drag Race, which Madison admits did cause concern at first. As they approached the finished product, Madison said the producer "ran it past Mother."

"If she had said, 'Hey, this is kind of my sound!' I would have respectfully shelved it," stated Madison. Instead, RuPaul "gave it her stamp of approval."

Now the song and video are out. And Madison says that, though we have come a long way even since those early days of RuPaul's career, it spreads a message which still very much needs heard.

"Even though we're at 'mainstream' right now, we are suffering a lot of losses with trans murders and even the taking of our own lives because we don't know how to be ourselves," she said, "People are boxing us in and telling us we can't be who we want to be."

Ahhhh... Everybody say love!

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