Trans Activists Around America Speak Out About Bathroom Access

"My hope is that we open some eyes while cracking some smiles."

A new video campaign is bringing together transgender and gender-nonconforming activists from around America to reflect on the current state of political and social life for the trans community, as well as the complexities and nuances of the subjects' own personal identities.

Called "Trans 102," this first episode of this series focuses on bathroom access for trans and GNC people, a contested issue in the current political climate surrounding anti-queer legislation such as House Bill 2. "Trans 102" features a number of recognizable trans movers and shakers, including activist Jenn Richards of "I Am Cait" fame.

"I wanted to take a host of very complicated, very loaded issues, and distill them into a fun, accessible PSA-style format," Richards told The Huffington Post. "Their lightness isn't a dismissal of topics like violence, HIV, bullying, etc. but rather a reflection of humor, resilience, and creativity I see in the trans people who live these issues. My hope is that we open some eyes while cracking some smiles."

The "Trans 102" video campaign is part of a new documentary film called "More Than T," set to debut this summer from award-winning director Silas Howard, who has worked on projects such as "Transparent." The film is supported in part by the MAC AIDS Fund.

"HIV is a crisis in the trans community, particularly among poor Black and Latina trans women, and the MAC AIDS Fund has been one of the leaders in funding for organizations working to help prevent, detect and treat HIV," Richards continued. "With this new initiative, the MAC AIDS Fund intends to put more than a million dollars towards trans organizations and initiatives, which could have a significant impact on the community."

Check out the first episode of "Trans 102" above and a preview of "More Than T" below.



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