"Trans Attraction": Objectifying or Progressive?

Wayne Mahon is the producer & director of the new documentary entitiled "Leaving Vogue Moran". A film about a man who struggles to come to terms with his attraction to transgender women and his inability to openly love them. The film takes place during a period when trans women were mostly out of public view, typically only seen in pornographic film(s).

The documentary has received mixed reactions from the trans community online. Some stating that Wayne Mahon is simply a "tranny chaser" for favoring pre-operative and non-operative transwomen & capitalizing on an opportunity to create pseudo fame and profit for himself using his attraction to transwomen as the basis.

At the same time, he and the film have also received some support for his bravery in publicly professing his love for transwomen in a society that is not entirely accepting or understanding of us, let alone the men who date us.

I've seen the film for myself, and I think there are many key points for men who are trans attracted can probably find relatable. Wayne, or "Vogue Moran" deals with the fear or question of whether being attracted to trans women makes him gay, and the need to be understood and accepted by family and friends with whom he wants to be open about his interests with.

The film is a man's journey of sexual self discovery and acceptance. I think there are many men who are curious about trans women, both sexually and romantically. This documentary certainly gives insight and perspective on some of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions men deal with when being honest with themselves about their attraction to trans women.

Personally, I think the film should be seen by any man who thinks he may even be slightly attracted to transgender women because it may help lessen the burden of guilt many men carry when they find themselves checking out a trans girl or having a sexual or romantic desire for them.

Part of the reason why dating is so difficult for transwomen these days is because many men still feel they are not supposed to enjoy their time with us. The amount of exposure trans women have received today is great, but our very existence is still considered somewhat taboo.

I think men can have it worse when (openly) dating transwomen, as masculinity is held in such a high regard in our society and is very sensitive. A man's masculinity becomes especially sensitive when questioned or challenged by others based on his romantic or sexual desires.

I think if more men came forward and openly loved and dated transwomen it would most certainly change the way the public views us as a community. We would be viewed more as human beings who can be, and are loved by others. Men would evolve as well, by not limiting themselves to what they can enjoy and expanding their ideas of beauty and women. Not to mention, we wouldn't be fighting for equality alone.

I better understood what it's like for a man to be attracted to transwomen after viewing the film. Being a transgender woman has its own set of difficulty, so I didn't really think about what men who are attracted to us deal with.

After learning more about Wayne's journey, I am even more optimistic about men and the action they may take in the future for themselves and for us. If you're a man who likes transwomen or a curious trans woman like me, then this is an informative & heartfelt documentary you have to see.

You can watch the film here: