'Trans Bodies, Trans Selves,' Transgender Resource Guide, Available In 2014

Finally -- A Comprehensive Resource Guide For The Trans Community

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is a new and comprehensive resource guide specifically curated for the transgender community. Covering how areas such as health and wellness, legal issues, history and theory intersect with transgender identity, the text aims to serve as a central informational point for "gender-questioning people, their partners and families, students, professors, guidance counselors, and others to look for up-to-date information on transgender life."

Inspired by the iconic and influential Our Bodies, Ourselves, the book is intended to serve as a place where transgender people can come together and share stories and information about their bodies and lives and, in turn, be a resource for others.

"One of the most important things about this book is that it is written by and for trans people," editor Laura Erickson-Schrot told The Huffington Post. "But that is what makes it so valuable to non-trans people too -- it is a view into trans life that is not edited for another audience. Friends and relatives can learn about identity categories and coming out, parents can read about kids, health professionals can find up-to-date preventive and transitional care information, and partners can find tips on relationships -- all written by the experts -- trans people themselves."

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves will be available through Oxford University Press in June 2014. However, by preordering a copy you can also become one of the first to own the text. Click here to preorder Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, or for more information about the project.

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