Trans Community Reacts To Trump’s Military Ban Tweets

Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that America would no longer “accept or allow” trans people to serve in the military. There’s been cries of both outrage and support, undeniably sparking an important conversation. Thankfully his tweets do not immediately lead to policy change, but that doesn’t erase the damage that’s been done.

Perhaps most important is how Trump’s tweets have impacted people in the trans community. Trans Outspeakers are joining the conversation and you can watch their honest reactions and thoughts in the videos below.

From Zuzanna Mroz, “I think it’s so important to take that extra step, and take that extra effort, to actually investigate whether trans people will be able to manage the pressure that is being put on you in a military zone while having gender dysphoria.”

Cody Talks says, “The fact that we have a president who is openly discriminating against anyone is pretty sad.”

SubjectSkyley “If we’re signing up to serve our country, we will do so proudly. The fact that Trump thinks we can’t is absolutely ridiculous. It makes me really sad that we’re really going backwards now with acceptance, with the trans community specifically.”