Watch This Trans Teen Find Out Her Life Is About To Change Forever

It was the happiest day of her young life.

After waiting two-and-a-half years, this transgender teenager finally received her first dose of hormones -- and her emotional reaction is absolutely pulling at our heartstrings.

The teen's mother, Erica Maison, captured her daughter Corey learning that she can begin taking medical steps to transition on video, and the whole interaction has since gone viral. Erica told The Huffington Post that she really just wanted to remember exactly how it felt to see her daughter on the happiest day of her life. When asked what she wanted parents of other transgender or gender nonconforming kids to take away from this video, she said:

"I want them to open their hearts and accept their children for who they are, not for what gender they do or do not identify with. Their hearts don't change because their outer appearance does. I promise you that no child wants to be made fun of, no child ever wants to be hurt, or picked on. No child would ever choose to be transgender, it is 100% how they are born.... We are all different, but at the same time we are really all the same. We all just want to be loved and accepted by others, and that is all any transgender child wants, is to be loved and accepted -- especially by their parents."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Erica! And congratulations, Corey. We hope this is the first of many, many beautiful and wonderful surprises ahead of you in your life.

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