What It's Like To Get Your Period As A Trans Guy

Have you ever thought about this?

Being transgender often comes with a slew of complications, many of which mainstream society doesn’t think or talk about.

Take, for instance, how a trans man would deal with the reality of having a period.

While there is certainly no universal trans experience, YouTuber and Outspeak partner Jamie Raines created a video after seeing a lack of real information for trans men who menstruate to discuss their cycle.

“I made the video because it wasn’t something I ever saw talked about when I still had periods and they were situations that I felt rather alone in and uncomfortable with,” Raines told The Huffington Post. “So I wanted to make a video that took a lighthearted view on making these situations more known, and to show people that they aren’t alone.”

Check out the video above to learn more about the realities of being trans and dealing with your monthly cycle, or head here to see more from Raines.