A Trans Man And His Partner Share Their Beautiful Love Story

We're not crying, you're crying.

In celebration of Valentines Day, Shane, a transgender man, and his partner Jess sat down in a video for Logo to talk about the nuances of their relationship and their journey to falling in love.

The conversation is part of the second season of “Fill In The Blank,” a video series from Mike Kelton that explains different queer issues and stories in a colloquial and digestible manner. While this week’s video focuses on Shane and Jess’ relationship, the season focuses on issues affecting LGBTQ families. Previous episodes this season include dialogue about being an openly LGBTQ athlete and living with HIV/AIDS. 

“Similar to the first season, I want people to connect with our cast members and their stories,” Kelton told The Huffington Post. “No matter what the issue is, these stories are so relatable on a basic human level of love, courage and compassion. I want our audience to not only connect with these stories but be educated on these topics so they can be more empathetic and open to getting these conversations going in their own lives.”

Check out the lastest episode above and stay tuned for more from “Fill In The Blank,” with new episodes released every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m on LogoTV.com



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