Two Trans Stars Explain Why They've Become 'Chosen Family' Over Time

MJ Rodriguez and Mila Jam open up about their "sisterhood" for a new documentary short.

Singer-actress MJ Rodriguez is helping make television history on FX’s “Pose” as one of the breakout stars among the largest cast of LGBTQ actors ever assembled for a scripted series.

Offscreen, Rodriguez enjoys a close-knit friendship with pop singer-songwriter and actress Mila Jam. The two speak at length about their relationship in the new documentary short, “One Stride: Chosen Family,” which examines how many members of the LGBTQ community support and care for one another.

HuffPost got a sneak peek at the documentary, directed by Stephen
Winter and presented by Barefoot Wine, in the video above.

In the footage, Jam and Rodriguez say they’ve experienced discrimination throughout their lives as transgender women of color. As they continue to enjoy success in show business, however, they take great pride in empowering one another both personally and professionally.

“I feel like your dreams are my dreams,” Jam tells Rodriguez in the clip. “And you coming to life in your work ... it makes me so happy. You’re just so fierce. You’re like a sister that I didn’t have.”

Adds Rodriguez, “There’s always a stigma held above our heads. But seeing us together, seeing women that are powerful in our light and knowing who we are and raising each other up ... hopefully that [will encourage others].”

View “One Stride” Chosen Family” in its entirety here.