Trans Suicide Hotline Calls Have Doubled Since NC Passed Anti-LGBT Law

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Trans Suicide Hotline Calls Doubled since North Carolina’s HB2 Passed

It looks like HB2 is having real health consequences. The law, among other things, bans transgender people from using bathrooms that don’t correspond with the gender on their birth certificates. Since the law passed calls have doubled at the Trans Lifeline, a suicide hotline, peaking at an unprecedented 357 calls in only one day.

Consensual Non-Monogamy More Common for Queers, Especially Bisexuals

New research found that consensual non-monogamous romantic relationships were much more common among queer people. LGB people were 1.8x as likely to have been in one versus non-LGB. For bisexuals alone it was even higher -- they were 2x as likely to have been in one compared to gays and lesbians.

How Does Moving to a Big City Affect our Health?

Many young queers move to a big city to get a more welcoming environment, but what does this mean for our health? Researchers explored this question for a sample of gay and bi men and found a host of different effects. What had the biggest health impact? Being personally discriminated against back home raised health risks across all categories.

Bullying for Gender Expression Awful for Straight, Queer Kids

A new study looked at bullying based on gender expression (how feminine, masculine, or androgynous a person looks) and found that queer kids were bullied about twice as often for it. The effects of this kind of bullying were similar if you were queer or straight, and it leads to more smoking, drug use and suicidal thoughts and actions.

More Than One in 30 Gay, Bi Men Get HIV within a Year of Getting Syphilis

Within a year of being diagnosed with syphilis, more than one in 30 gay and bi men will also be diagnosed with HIV, a new study found.

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