Trans Woman Details The 'Great Danger' She's Faced While Traveling

Trans Woman Details The 'Great Danger' She's Faced While Traveling

Traveling through airports comes with its annoyances for everyone, but inconvenience often turns into discrimination and fear for transgender people who may not have or be able to secure the proper documentation.

Freelance writer and trans woman Mari Brighe spoke with HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd on Monday about the rampant discrimination she's faced while traveling -- from being chased out of bathrooms in gas stations and rest areas throughout the Midwest to being publicly outed in airports.

Brighe detailed one particular situation in a small Michigan town, where she was pulled over after making an illegal right turn at a red light.

"[I] got endlessly harassed by a police officer because I look very female and my driver's license says 'M,'" Brighe said. "Not being able to update our documents, you know, things as simple as [a] driver's license, puts us in great danger."

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