Women's Equality Includes Trans Women, Too

Tuesday marked this year's Women's Equality Day, and at HuffPost Live, all women were celebrated.

Dana Beyer, the executive director of Gender Rights Maryland and a transgender woman, joined a conversation about the strides women have made since gaining suffrage 94 years ago, and she highlighted the importance of recognizing and celebrating all different kinds of women.

"We need women of broad gender histories, life experiences, ethnicities and nationalities," Beyer told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

Beyer said that while there is only a small number of female representation in Congress, it's important to "plan for the next level [of trans inclusion] and begin to push forward."

"While I don’t believe that we should fetishize identity in any way, shape or form, it’s more important to have qualified women who can make a contribution wherever they are in this society, be it in the corporate world, the nonprofit world, or the government service. It is important that we do try to have as many voices as possible," Beyer said.

Christina Postolowski, senior policy analyst at Young Invincibles, also joined the conversation and praised the millennial generation's accepting nature.

"We are one of the most inclusive generations and a generation that really wants everyone to be equal," Postolowski said. "I hope that that can be something that’s looked back on in history as this is a really important time for marriage equality, [and] really important conversations are going on in the country about racial equality. I think that the millennial generation is open to and wants to embrace the full diversity of our country."

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