Transatlantic partnership essential to Denmark

Denmark and the United States are close partners within both politics and trade. The United States is the world's largest economy and a growing market for Danish companies.

The United States and Denmark continue to strengthen our economic ties and in 2015 exports from Denmark to the United States totalled 14.7 billion USD. The U.S. market is Denmark's most important export market outside the EU.

It is therefore our great pleasure to accompany Their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark on this important visit to the United States. This time, the Crown Prince Couple will be leading a sizeable business delegation of 60 Danish companies from sectors such as sustainability, healthcare, agriculture & food and the maritime industry.

Denmark has already established itself as a significant partner within these sectors. We may be a small country - just about the size of the state of Maryland. But our economy and our businesses are highly focused on markets abroad - not least in the U.S. And Danish companies have established more than 650 companies and offices here, adding more than 60,000 jobs to the American economy.

But we are not just here in the U.S. to reaffirm existing ties. We also want to cultivate them so they can grow even stronger, and we see a strong potential for increased cooperation.

Denmark and the U.S. agree on many things - first and foremost we are both dedicated to the values of free trade, with as few limitations and bureaucratic impediments as possible.

The Danish government see a TTIP agreement as a central tool to strengthen economic growth and to develop further our already long-term and close trading relations with the United States. Therefore, we must continue to promote positive public opinion about TTIP - especially when it comes to the many difficult issues related to agriculture and food.

However, it is important that the final agreement delivers substantial economic benefits and is ambitious in areas such as regulatory cooperation, public procurement, and sustainable development. So we cannot give up - even though negotiations are hard and the political environment is complex. We need to stay focused on our common goal: Free trade across the Atlantic to the benefit of both our countries.

A strengthened partnership between the United States and Denmark in these strategically important fields will benefit both countries in terms of economic growth, job creation and in- and outgoing investments.

The strong trade and business relations between the United States and Denmark have generated positive results on both sides of the Atlantic. Ranked first in six of the 10 annual editions of Forbes' "Best Countries for Business", Denmark is known for a high level of freedom, and a transparent and efficient regulatory climate. This favorable business environment has attracted many American companies to Denmark and with the visit this week we seek to expand this partnership even further.

This article is part of a series of articles about the #RoyalVisitUSA. On September 27-30, a Danish business delegation, presided over by T.R.H. the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark, will be traveling to the U.S. for one of the most comprehensive trade missions from Denmark to date. The delegation represents 60 innovative Danish companies from the Healthcare, Agriculture and Food, Sustainability and Maritime sectors - all of which are leading economic sectors in Denmark. Joining the delegation are the Minister for the Environment and Food, the Minister for Business and Growth as well as five of Denmark's leading trade organizations. More than 650 Danish companies have subsidiaries in the U.S. These companies contribute to U.S. growth and job creation and employ more than 60,000 people nation-wide.