Get A Sneak Peek At The New Season Of The Trans Reality Show 'Transcendent'

The Fuse series casts a much-needed spotlight on trans women of color.

The new season of Fuse's reality show "Transcendent" debuts June 8, and The Huffington Post got a sneak peek at Wednesday's premiere episode with these two exclusive deleted scenes. 

The show, which is now in its second season, focuses on the personal and professional relationships of Bionka, Nya, L.A., Xristina and Bambiana, five transgender women who perform at AsiaSF, a cabaret-style restaurant in San Francisco. 

Given the national conversation around transgender issues, the show couldn't feel any more topical. More significantly, the series casts a much-needed spotlight on trans women of color, one of the most disenfranchised communities in the country today

"We are all flawed but few are as open as the ladies of 'Transcendent.' They wear their hearts -- and their flaws -- on their sleeves in a way that only those who are truly courageous do," Fenton Bailey, who executive produced the show with Randy Barbato, told The Huffington Post. 

Barbato echoed those sentiments, adding, “It has taken a long time to bring this series to the screen. And until Fuse enthusiastically came on board we never doubted that audiences would warm to and be inspired by a cast of characters who live their lives authentically and without apology.” 

He went on to note, "Their struggle, their humor and bravery are relatable because all our lives are a kind of transition from the moment we are born until we die.” 

Check out exclusive scenes from the show at top and below, and don't miss the second season of "Transcendent," which airs June 8 on Fuse. 



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