How Transcendental Meditation Changed This HIV Patient's Life

How Transcendental Meditation Changed This HIV Patient's Life

Transcendental Meditation boasts major health benefits, but for some, the practice can be truly life-changing. Michael Rouppet from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation began utilizing this meditation style when he was struggling to get a handle on his health and financial stability. He joined HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to share the impact that the practice had on his overall well-being.

"I was in my residence for 20 years and evicted... and found myself, in a matter of months, homeless and living on the street," said Rouppet. "I had struggled to get access to my medications, and in the meantime my CD4 T helper cells were declining, and they were declining rapidly. I began doing transcendental meditation underneath a bridge in a camp with homeless people. The effects were amazing -- they were profound in a matter of months."

To learn more about how Transcendental Meditation changed Rouppet's life, watch the full HuffPost Live clip in the video above.

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