Transformation Photos Prove Photoshop Isn't The Only Thing Making Models Look Perfect

These Transformation Photos Prove Photoshop Isn't The Only Thing Making Models Look Perfect

We're becoming increasingly aware that the photos we see of models in magazines aren't always what they seem. Photoshop can make models look thinner, tanner, smoother or perkier (or all of the above) -- and those seemingly perfect images have a huge impact on how readers, particularly young women, view their own bodies.

But we're also slowly learning that it's not all digital airbrushing. According to the eye-opening infographic below, there are countless other tricky ways that models and celebs get gorgeous for those photo shoots, from strategic tanning to day-of crash dieting to quickie workouts right before photos.

Models have dropped hints about these tricks before, from Adriana Lima revealing the brutal diet she endures right before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to look slim to Candice Swanepoel admitting that there's plenty of body makeup applied before the big runway show.

But these drastic transformation photos, compiled by, a resource for learning about mental health disorders including body dysmorphic disorder, are a stark reminder that we shouldn't take the amazing bodies we see in lingerie ads and fashion shoots at face value. No one's perfect -- but anyone can use a little fake tanner, good lighting, a set of sit-ups and a flattering hairstyle to make them appear as if they are.


And sometimes, it really is airbrushing...

Glamour Chops Off Kristen's Arm

When Photoshop Goes Wrong...

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