Transformer Wine Rack Made Of Auto Transmissions Makes Craigslist Splash (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Here's A Half-Ton, $7K Transformer Wine Rack

If you're in the market for a wine rack, and you love "Transformers," then look no further. An enterprising and imaginative resident of Phoenix, Ariz. has created a wine rack fashioned in the form of a Transformer figure. The entire thing is made of spare car and motorcycle transmission parts and weighs half a ton.

Boing Boing wrote about the amazing find after its sale was posted to Craiglist. The ad reads, "There are only several times in one's life when one has the opportunity to purchase something that is RIDICULOUSLY COOL. This is one of those moments."

The post also reveals that it's 6 feet tall, all parts have been dipped in a solution to remove all oil, grime and chemicals and it has the capacity to hold up to 32 bottles. The asking price of $7,000 definitely isn't pocket change, but hey -- it's a small price to pay for your very own Transformer.

Click through the below photos for a closer look.

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Transformer Wine Rack

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