'Transformers 4' Casting In Chicago Area As Franchise Ramps Up For Late Summer Windy City Filming

A fourth installment of the literal blockbuster, "Transformers" (seriously, look what it did to our sidewalks) is ramping up for late summer filming in the city, kicking off with a local casting call this weekend.

The weekend casting call asks for men and women over 18 years old who have a "clean-cut business type" look or "FBI types & Military" types. Additionally, the studio is casting (with a rather lazily over-broad term) "Asian Citizens" ages 9 and up for a "Hong Kong scene."

For the lucky "Asian Citizens" who make the cut, they may get a glimpse during filming of China's "King of Popularity," dancer, singer and actor Han Geng; Director Michael Bay recently announced Geng was joining the cast on Sunday.

Earlier, it was revealed Kelsey Grammer was cast as the villain in the new film, (embedded) just months after ending his run as the fictional mayor of Chicago in the now-defunct Starz drama, "Boss."

The director has been dropping hints about the latest Transformers film, most recently through a Twitter hint that another installment of the destruction-porn francise was headed back to the Windy City:

(Somewhat disappointingly, the number on the billboard is bogus and only leads to a vague voicemail greeting.)

Filming on the movie is slated for Aug. 18 through Sept. 27 around the area, according to the casting call notice.

"Transformers 4" is among several action films shooting in the city later this year, according to Reel Chicago. Other movies include the sci-fi tale “Divergent,” said to be filming come April, and “Jupiter Ascending,” co-directed by Chicago natives, the Wachowski siblings of the Matrix trilogy and "Cloud Atlas" fame.

"Transformers 4" is set for release on June 27 of 2014.



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