'Transformers 4' Filming In Uptown: Chicago Neighborhood Or Small Texas Town? (PHOTOS)

LOOK: 'Transformers 4' Turned Uptown Into A Texas Town

After the "Transformers 4" crew spent much of the weekend torching cars, blowing up buildings and flying helicopters under bridges downtown, the production moved north to the city's Uptown neighborhood starting Wednesday.

The blockbuster's star Mark Wahlberg was spotted along with co-star T.J. Miller shooting scenes on North Broadway Street on Wednesday. According to the Chicago Tribune, a portion of the strip just north of West Lawrence Avenue has been temporarily morphed into a Texas town. The inside of the iconic Uptown Theatre was reportedly decorated with posters reading "SXSW Music Fest Jun 8, 2002."

Though we didn't catch a glimpse of Wahlberg when we stopped by the shoot late Thursday morning, we did get a good view of some impressive classic cars, guys in western wear and some "new" fake businesses along the stretch including "Star of Texas Liquor" and "Busy Bee Hardware."

Chicago Film Office director Rich Moskal previously said the production has been easing into the more dazzling pyrotechnics and stunts, so expect yet more dramatic scenes in the weeks of the film's Chicago shooting ahead.

'Transformers 4' Filming In Uptown

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