AOL's 'True Trans' Series Explores Coming Out And Transition As A Trans Person

Episodes four and five of AOL's compelling series "True Trans" takes an intimate look at the individual stories of several individuals who came out as a trans and then transitioned. Each person's experience is unique to their own life journey, and Laura Jane Grace sits down with a number of transgender and gender-variant people in these episodes to give them the chance to tell their stories.

“I said to my parents that I really needed to get help," transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox shares in the above episode. "And I told my father, I was like ‘I want to transition.’ He said, ‘OK, son, we’re going to get you the help you need.’ And a couple of months later I ended up in a gay reversion therapist’s office. They took me in there and they were trying to turn me gay to straight -- when I wasn’t gay in the first place.”

Check out the video above to hear more coming out stories or the video below to hear these individuals discuss their own unique paths to living as their authentic selves. Missed the previous episodes of "True Trans"? Head here to watch them.