Paula Overby, Transgender Woman, Will Run For Congress

WATCH: Trans Woman Releases Campaign Video For Congress Seat

Could Paula Overby be the first openly transgender woman from Minnesota to successfully run for congress?

Overby announced her candidacy for 2nd District Minnesota last summer running for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party endorsement, saying that her platform would partially centralize around fixing what she perceives as a broken campaign financing system.

As noted, "At the nominating convention April 26, Overby and fellow challenger Thomas Craft dropped out of the race before the results of the first ballot were announced."

Now she has reportedly run uncontested for the Independence nomination in the August 2014 primary.

“People are fed up… We need to bring back freedom, individual liberties and individual responsibilities," Overby says in the above video. "We need representation that represents the people. We have one of those representatives who really is not doing very much in Washington. [Republican incumbent John Kline has] forgotten what its like to live in our district. I think it’s time to send that Representative back to Texas.”

Check out the video above to hear more from Overby.

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