'I'm A Guy' Documents A Transgender Man Who Doesn't Want Medical Intervention

What does it mean to identify as transgender, but not want to surgically or medically alter your body -- or ever "pass" as your self-identified gender?

Nothing, besides the fact that you are transgender.

The stigma that transgender identity is tied to surgery and/or hormones and that passing within the binary gender presentation of male/female is what this video from Buzzfeed aims to combat. Lauren Hennessy, an actor and artist, identifies as a transgender man but has no intention of changing his physical appearance to fit societal definitions of what that would look like.

In essence, Hennessy is challenging what it means to be transgender and pushing the term to its fullest possibility.

In an age where transgender people are gaining increased mainstream visibility, but often without people like Hennessy mentioned, stories like this are as important as ever.

Check out the "I'm A Guy" video above.



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