Bianca And Nick Bowser, Transgender Parents, Featured In ABC Special (VIDEO)

A family can be formed in an infinite number of ways.

ABC ran a story recently about Bianca and Nick Bowser, a transgender couple who are the parents of two beautiful boys. The Bowser children are 3 years old and 17 months.

The special focused primarily on their role as parents and the ways in which they plan to discuss their transgender identity with their children.

“We fit… the basic definition of what a transgender person is -- but we are man and woman,“ the couple told ABC. "That is the difference, so our children do not see us as transgender people... We are mommy and daddy.”

The Bowers represent a growing mainstream understanding of trans lives and, while all trans people do not necessarily identify as "man" or "woman" or want to raise children, it's an important step for mainstream transgender visibility. The couple previously received a significant amount of media attention for discussing how they would tell their children that "dad got pregnant."

Other examples of transgender parents have been emerging over the past several months, including a transgender father who proudly breastfeeds his children.

Want to learn more about The Bowers? Check out the video above or head here to read the full article from ABC News.



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