Trans People Open Up About What It's Like To Transition In The Workplace

"I want people to listen to real people's stories and take away a sense of compassion for what real people go through."

The realities of transitioning to live as your authentic self while maintaining your full-time job can be difficult ― and a new video from Logo is giving queer and trans-identifying people a space to reflect on this experience.

“Transitioning In The Workplace” is one video in a series from Mike Kelton and Logo called “FILL IN THE _______,” a project that explores queer issues and topics in a colloquial manner. “Transitioning in the Workplace” involves three different pairs of people sitting down and having candid conversations about their own experiences when it comes to the intersection of their careers and gender identities.

“I want people to listen to real people’s stories and take away a sense of compassion for what real people go through,” Kelton told The Huffington Post. “We don’t usually see the real and organic side of people’s struggles. We see the reality TV version which is filtered with a hair and makeup team and celebrities. I want people to take away a sense of reality which hopefully leads to compassion.”

Watch “Transitioning in the Workplace” for yourself above and head here to see more from the “FILL IN THE _______” video series.

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