Transgression, Transgression Definition Top Google With Tiger Woods Affair

Should people read more?

Tiger Woods' apology for his affair has caused a sensation -- but also, it seems, a whole lot of confusion over the meaning of the word "transgression."

I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart.

In the wake of his admission, "transgression" and "transgression definition" topped Google Trends as the most popular search terms in the US. (see screenshots below)

Tiger Woods's online admission seems to have brought to light not only his marital infidelities, but also revealed a few holes in Google users' vocabularies.

One Twitter user, who also saw that "transgression" had risen to the top of Google Trends, noted:

@acforever: "Transgression definition" is one of the top searches on hot trends. I thought that was a common word. Guess not to some people.

If you're wondering what "transgression" means, check out these online dictionaries for a definition, here or here.

See more screenshots from Google Trends below.