Transitioning Veterans Continue The Bond To Thrive!

One of the greatest aspects of the Military is you instantly have a bond with several thousand of your newest and closest friends. That bond is something that will carry with you as a Veteran for your entire life. When you see someone with a Veterans hat, shirt, etc on you instantly feel that bond. This becomes an even more intense connection when you have experienced combat. That Guy/Girl to your left and to your right is forever cemented into your being. There is no choice here because when you have chosen to put yourself in a situation that may end up in paying the ultimate sacrifice of giving your life for your country you have to instinctively know they will protect you and you will protect them, no matter what.

When Veterans transition to the civilian sector there is typically not a bond that exists; a.) Naturally b.) To the same extent and/or c.) That lasts forever, no matter what. This is hard to adjust to for many Veterans as they have become accustom to what is part of being in the Military to what is not part of being in the civilian sector.

Not to worry, there are options and ways to create those bonds and minimize the feelings of being isolated from those that you know have your back. The following basic actions can put you right where you need to be in order to be successful in your transition:

  • Continue to live your values and serve others, you will attract those with the same values and desires.
  • Network with those that are Veterans and have made the transition.
  • Create a network in your local area that provides what you are looking for and know other transitioning Veterans are looking for.
  • Educate and lead by example to get the same type of culture to form in your new surroundings.
  • Understand that you are never alone and be willing to ask for support or discuss how you feel.

I don't believe it's that the civilian sector doesn't believe in the level of bond or comradery the military creates, it's just they are not aware of how to make that culture flourish. This is a prime opportunity for transitioning Veterans to take those amazing leadership and team building skills learned in the military and step out front. Show your new organization or social circle what it means to have trust and honor at the core of the relationships and values of the organization and social circles.

Do not withdraw or assume that there will be no way to regain that closeness you felt in the Military. This is all part of the transition process and this to can be overcome much like the challenges you have faced in various situations, either deployed to combat or separated from the family and environment you learned to rely on. This applies to whether you are the Military member or family member, both go through very similar challenges.

Landmark Life Coaching's Mission is to honorably and respectfully serve courageous groundbreakers and transitioning veterans to persevere in defining and executing their future by providing an atmosphere of comradery and trust that honors their dedication and commitment. This will empower our clients to feel whole, honored, respected and fulfilled in defining and living their life purpose.

Veterans Coach/Speaker/Writer