18 Tweets That Capture The Struggle Of Translating For Immigrant Parents As A Kid

Comedian Cristela Alonzo started the thread by sharing her experiences as her family's interpreter.

If you grew up with immigrant parents who didn’t speak English, you probably remember your first job as a child: family interpreter.

Comedian Cristela Alonzo gave a special shoutout in a tweet Tuesday to the kids who, like herself, had that responsibility at a young age.

The star then shared several personal experiences, including translating action movies and being afraid to translate the news incorrectly to her mother. She revealed her most difficult challenge was helping her mother navigate the health system. 

The comedian also explained that she didn’t single out Latinos in her original tweet because she understood the experience was common for many people with immigrant parents. And the tweets certainly struck a chord with fans, who shared their own experiences translating important moments for their parents.

While many joked about getting themselves out of trouble when translating parent-teacher interactions, others pointed out the burden of helping parents with adult tasks and responsibilities at a young age.

Check out some of the tweets below: