Refrigerator Becomes Transparent As You Approach It, Conserves Energy For Indecisive Eaters

In kitchens across the world, nearly everyone does it. Indecisive eaters stand in front of refrigerators with the door ajar, debating what their next snack will be and wasting electricity in the process.

To make snacking procrastination more "green," Chinese designer Changhong has created the S.Home Refrigerator, a full-size fridge that becomes transparent as you approach it.

S.Home's doors appear opaque from a far, but at a closer proximity, contents in the fridge can be seen, much like looking through a glass door. The view allows you to choose your food or make a grocery list without having to keep the door open.

The technology could have a big effect on energy use, as the act of leaving refrigerator doors open accounts for 7 percent of household electricity use per year, according to Home Energy Magazine.

According to Digital Trends, there's no word yet on when Changhong plans to distribute the S.Home Refrigerator internationally or how much it will cost.

For those that really have nothing to hide in terms of snacking habits, see-through alternatives exist like the True T-49G, which features double pane thermal glass doors.