Transparent HDTV Loewe Invisio Is The Future, But It's Not The Apple iTV (PHOTOS)

The Future Of Television Is Transparent

German television maker Loewe revealed its vision for the future of home entertainment with the Loewe Invisio, a sleek, transparent, high-definition television that obsolesces contemporary designs -- at least in the looks department.

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The design, which was shortlisted in the 2011 iF Concept Design competition, "[creates] non-transparent [and] solid moving pictures with rich color reproduction and full contrast range," designer Michael Friebe told Yanko Design.

Plus, when its turned off, the transparent glass display won't sully your living room the way a big black box might.

Earlier this week, rumors circulated about an potential acquisition of Loewe by Apple that some speculated would bring the Invisio to the U.S. market, purportedly as an incarnation of the highly-anticipated Apple TV.

But during his company's annual meeting Tuesday, CEO Oliver Seidl denied Loewe had been in acquisition talks with Apple, Bloomberg News reported, citing the German newspaper Handelsblatt.


Loewe Invisio

Loewe Invisio Transparent HDTV

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