The Pfefferman Universe Expands In ‘Transparent’ Season 3 Trailer

Watch the trailer before new episodes drop Sept. 23.

As the family’s formerly solo matriarch (Judith Light) aptly states in the “Transparent” Season 3 trailer above: “When one person in a family transitions, everyone transitions.”

Season 2 of the critically acclaimed Amazon drama left off with its anxious cast slowly coming to individual self-realizations in the aftermath of patriarch Mort’s (Jeffrey Tambor) transition to Maura. We last see her pursuing a relationship with a woman named Vicki whom she met on a doomed trip to the Idyllwild Wimmin’s Festival (unofficial tag line: biological women only) and coming out to her mother. Ali (Gaby Hoffman) finds a connection with a poet, Josh (Jay Duplass) mourns his father, and Sarah (Amy Landecker) explores S&M while seemingly mending fences with her ex-husband.

The new trailer, released Sunday, promises even more evolution. Maura visits a plastic surgeon, Josh joyously reunites with former girlfriend Raquel (Kathryn Hahn), Shelly debuts a tough leather moto jacket and Ali floats despondently in the backyard pool.

Oh, and Maura doesn’t want to be called “Moppa” ― she’d prefer “Mom” now. Maybe that will be one of the easier transitions.

“Transparent” Season 3 debuts on Amazon Prime Sept. 23.



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