'Transparent' Writer Suggests Series Refocus Away From Jeffrey Tambor

"We cannot let trans content be taken down by a single cis man," she writes.

Transparent” writer Our Lady J has voiced her support of the women who accused star Jeffrey Tambor of sexual harassment ― and one of the women’s idea on moving the series forward.

In an Instagram post Thursday, the writer said she agreed with “Transparent” actress Trace Lysette’s suggestion to continue the series by refocusing away from Tambor’s character, Maura. Over its four seasons, the show has revolved around Maura’s transition from a man to a woman, as the parent of three adult children. 

The suggestion comes amid reports from Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, citing unnamed inside sources, who claim series creator Jill Soloway and her writing staff are considering writing Maura out of the show. (HuffPost reached out to Soloway but did not immediately receive a response.) The solution mirrors one that has been reportedly mulled over by “House of Cards” writing staff amid numerous sexual misconduct accusations against star Kevin Spacey.

“My heart is broken. I’m struggling to put together words right now, as I’m flooded with emotions,” Our Lady J wrote. “Any abuse of power is inexcusable, but hearing the stories of Van and Trace have particularly shattered me. I honor the strength and courage that it must have taken for them to tell their truth.”

Tambor’s former assistant, Van Barnes, was first to say she experienced misconduct by the actor, although she didn’t provide specifics in a private Facebook post shared last week.

Lysette added her own accusations against Tambor in a statement posted to Twitter on Thursday night. Although she said Tambor had “made many sexual advances and comments” toward her, she described one incident that “got physical,” saying the actor had rubbed himself against her.

“My hope is that Amazon can find the good in this,” Lysette wrote, “and use this as an opportunity, a teachable moment to re-center the other trans characters in this show with the family members instead of just pulling it. Let our brilliant writers continue to craft something that is entertaining and creates social change the way they know how.” 

She continued by calling on Amazon to “remove the problem and let the show go on.” 

In response, Our Lady J thanked the actress for speaking up. “And thank you for your proposed solution at the end of your statement,” she added.

“You are right — we cannot let trans content be taken down by a single cis man.” 

She continued: “I’m sure I’ll have more to say, but this is as much as I can get out in this very emotional moment. My heart goes out to all victims of abuse, told and untold. I hope this is the beginning of our time to heal.” 

After first denying Barnes’ accusation, Tambor later issued another statement to say that, although he can be “volatile and ill-tempered,” he has “never been a predator ― ever.”

“I am deeply sorry if any action of mine was ever misinterpreted by anyone as being sexually aggressive or if I ever offended or hurt anyone,” he said.

Amazon is reportedly investigating the claims against the “Transparent” star. 

Read both Lysette’s and Our Lady J’s statements below.

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