Video Shows Transphobic Man Preaching In Target Getting Shut Down By Customer

A purportedly transgender patron put him in his place.

Video footage of a Christian protester's heated confrontation with a purportedly transgender customer at an unidentified Target store is making the Internet rounds. 

In the four-minute clip, which can be viewed above, the protester shouts, "Do not come to Target! They let transgender people in the bathroom!" 

As the protester storms the aisles, a customer retorts, "There’s a transgender person right here, so you can just keep on walking!" 

It doesn't stop there. "That's OK -- you're going to go to hell," the protester tells the customer, who then replies, “And you’re going to be an a**hole for the rest of your life!” 

Eventually, the protester is escorted by Target staff to the store's exit -- all the while ranting about what he (falsely and without any evidence) claims is happening in Target bathrooms. 

The clip is the latest in what's becoming a series of disturbing videos which show purportedly Christian customers in the aisles of Target stores decrying the Minnesota-based retail giant's transgender-friendly bathroom policy

The threats against Target range from a proposed boycott by the American Family Association, which has been signed by more than 1.2 million people, to more troubling incidents, such as when police in Bradley, Illinois were reportedly called about an active shooter situation inside a Target store. (Officers arrested Michael L. Merichko for disorderly conduct, but said they found no firearm) 

However, Target CEO Brian Cornell said the retailer has no plans to bow to protesters, and will "continue to embrace our belief of diversity and inclusion and just how important that is to our company.” 

When contacted about this story, a rep from Target told The Huffington Post in an email, "I refer you back to the comments that Brian Cornell made to several members of the media in advance of our earnings reports last week."

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