TRANSPOSITION: Over Many Miles, an Interactive Installation by Paula Crown


TRANSPOSITION: Over Many Miles, an immersive, site-specific installation by artist Paula Crown, debuted in the Miami Design District in December 2014 and has evolved to include numerous on-site activations. Inspired by the value of public interaction and engagement, Crown wanted to create a space that other people could create in. "The magic has been that this has provided a platform for other artists," she said. "Art provides these moments of pause, lets you recalibrate your thoughts and have a discussion with each other."

In March, the Alma Dance Theater paid homage to Crown's artistic journey with an original piece choreographed by Marissa Alma-Nick and a Spring Solstice performance by The New World Symphony. Last fall, the artist worked with local students to install thousands of oak leaves, native to the Midwest, throughout her installation for her Have a Fall event.


The installation references Robert Smithson's earthworks and Rosalind Krauss' essay on sculpture and its relationship to the environment in which it is created. TRANSPOSITION: Over Many Miles is based on the torn edges of a sketchbook, and consists of reclaimed wood, tempered glass, synthetic grass, metal, local plantings, and sand.

A former investment banker, Paula Crown has shifted her studio practice to full-time and most recently graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago with a MFA in painting and drawing. Her artistic practice involves high resolution scanning, scale alterations, and 3D printing, tools she says help express her artistic vision and language.

On April 10, the Design District and ICA Miami will celebrate Earth Day with family-friendly activities that immerse visitors in the magical world of TRANSPOSITION: Over Many Miles. A farewell celebration with Paula Crown will take place in May.


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