Forget Everything You Knew About The Circus -- This Performance Is Fine Art

We wish every performance were this mesmerizing.

The artistic technology installation in the video above blends a performance artist's movements with stunning audio and visual effects. The project, called Ljós, made its debut two weeks ago at the Italian art festival "Festival della Fiaba," a rep for fuse*, the company behind the installation, told The Huffington Post.

Ljós' builds a visualization and audio experience based on the movements of an acrobat -- in this case, the very talented Elena Annovi. All of her movements are captured through the use of the Kinect motion capture camera and synced to the audio and video through various methods.

“Ljós is the translation of the latent elements of dreams into visible contents,” the video's Vimeo description states. “The body is the medium through which the connections between light, sound and movement are explored, leading the spectator into an unreal space, rarefied and disorientating.”

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CORRECTION: A previous version of this post incorrectly stated Elena Annovi was using a trapeze. The artist calls the performance "a work of dance in vertical suspension."