No Impact Week: Trash

No Impact Week: Trash

As part of Trash Day for No Impact Week, (learn more here and sign up) we're taking a deeper look into trash, recycling and where it all goes after we throw it away. Check out this inspired slideshow from photojournalist Mathieu Young who takes us into a California sorting plant in Pico Rivera, where an average of 225 tons of waste are processed each day.

In honor of trash day, we're launching two citizen journalism projects.

1) Get to the bottom of what happens to trash in your area. Where does it all go? Today or tomorrow, visit the closest landfill or waste processing center and help HuffPost readers experience the place. With photos or in a video under two minutes in length, show us what the place looks like and how much trash they see on a daily basis. If it's too far away, consider simply interviewing your trash collector to get the scoop. For inspiration, check out The Story of Stuff.

Here's how submitting your photo or video works:

If you are sending a photo, hit the participate button, leave your description and mark the location of where you are by searching for an address in the box on the top right of the map, upload your photo and write a caption describing the purchase and hit submit. Thank you! The deadline for submitting videos is Wednesday at midnight.

To submit a video, click the upload button below. You will need a YouTube account and will briefly be directly to YouTube for approval.

To submit a video for assignment #2, click here!

To read more about trash and consumerism from Colin Beavan's book, No Impact Man, Click here.

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